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Why Hire a Pro | Kingman, Arizona Family Photographer | Jo Lamsus Photography

If you're like a lot of people, it's been a while since you had family photos done. You're probably thinking ugh, I should do this...but its so frustrating. I mean, trying to find coordinating outfits for everyone, hair, makeup, scheduling with the right photographer, etc. We can find 101 excuses to NOT hire someone for family photos. But what if all of that was taken care of for you? Outfit planning, location, time of day, and even after your shoot, free design and installation of wall art? These are just a few reasons to hire a pro. And no, not just me. This isn't a post about why I am your ideal photographer. There are SO many to consider! Here are 10 reasons you should hire a professional photographer.

1. Education. Professional photographers don't just wake up one day, start a photography page and become a pro. Most professionals spend hours, and hundreds or thousands of dollars on education. A professional photographer will have had years of training in the art of photography. They know their equipment inside and out. You can trust that they're going to get your photos perfect the first time around.

2. Experience. A professional photographer has years of experience. They have shot in different situations and can handle most things thrown at them.

3. Equipment. A professional photographer has the proper equipment. They'll have quality professional level cameras and lenses to assure you're going to get excellent results.

4. Editing software. A professional photographer will have access to the proper editing software, for retouching, or adding that extra magic you dream of.

5. Backups. A professional photographer will have at least 2 copies of your photos. What if your computer crashes? There's a fire, flood or other disaster and you lose it all. You can rest assured your photographer has backups of your most precious memories.

6. Professionally invested. a professional photographer is there for YOU. They're invested in your satisfaction. This is their career, not a side job/hobby and they take that seriously.

7. Thought out and styled. A lot of professional photographers will have a style guide, Pinterest boards, ideas for what to wear, props to bring, location to fit your specific family etc.

8. Attention to detail. A professional photographer will notice if something looks weird, or there's hair, hands, arm in the wrong place. We have invested hours and hours of studying poses.

9. Artist's touch. While I love my cell phone snapshots, you wouldn't pay a professional to take them. You pay for fine art. Professional photographers will produce lasting images.

10. Memories. You will be IN the photos! These are precious memories to your family. Sure, we can take photos of our own children, but what will they have to look back on? You should be in these photos with your family.

Now that you have read my top 10 reasons, find your ideal photographer. I promise, you wont regret it!

A recent favorite of mine.


JoAnn Lamsus of Jo Lamsus Photography is a Kingman Arizona Child and family photographer.

JoAnn is located just south of Las Vegas, Nevada. At Jo Lamsus Photography you will find fine art portraiture. Specializing in maternity, child, family and high school seniors.

JoAnn works in Las Vegas, Boulder, Kingman, Laughlin, Lake Havasu City, Bullhead city, and surrounding areas. Including Flagstaff, Williams, Prescott, Phoenix and Sedona areas. Please inquire for travel rates to other areas.

Jo Lamsus Photography specializes in photographing families and children. JoAnn Lamsus also loves maternity photos. Jo Lamsus Photography also loves high school senior photography.

To see more of JoAnn's work, please go to or visit her Facebook page at You may contact JoAnn by email at Spaces are very limited and fill early. Booking in advance will ensure a spot on Jo Lamsus Photography's schedule.

Kingman Arizona Photographer



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