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We all know that friend who has that shiny new camera. How exciting! I know when I first got my camera I was so eager to learn and asked all of my friends and family to let me practice photography on them. As a Kingman Arizona Photographer, let me tell you, I am SO glad they let me! What a learning I started wanting to be a photographer when my oldest was born. Back then digital wasn't really a big deal, so I used my brand new Canon Rebel film camera. I still have that camera. It keeps me humble.

After spending way too much on film, my mom started to get into photography so I got all my photos done by her. I loved them! I had my very own pro, any time I wanted!! How perfect for me! ha!

It wasn't until my youngest daughter was born that I would try it out on my own again. I mean, I would help my mom with posing, and loved that! But the photos weren't mine, and I craved it. My mom started mentoring me back in 2011. She would have to set the camera for me, and then I would shoot, she would go home and edit for me. LOL Here is one from my very first shoot with my moms Canon 30D, with her helping lol.

After this shoot, I was hooked!! But, I didn't have my own camera, lenses, computer, or editing software. So, I gave up for a while. When my youngest son was born I decided to try again. My mom set the camera once again and I did a fun shoot for my sons first birthday.

This was turning point for me, as mine and my moms visions were a little different. I wanted a certain look. I loved the blurry background I would see from other photographers and NEEDED to learn! My mom knew very well how to achieve this look, but it just wasn't MINE. So, I borrowed her camera. And that was it! I never wanted to give it back. I took photos of all of my friends and family. These are pretty bad quality...but this is how I learned.

After my family and I moved back to Arizona, I started helping a friend of mine with her photoshoots. We always had so much fun, and I quickly became her full time assistant. I didn't have my moms camera anymore, so I rarely got to go out and shoot. I worked with my friend for about a year, and she graciously GAVE me a camera! I could not believe how selfless someone could be. She may not have known at that time, but she created a monster! haha I haven't put that camera down since that day. I had to build clientele in a very tiny, over [photographer] populated town, and that was hard! So, for about a year I only took photographs of my family, and occasionally I would travel back to California and do shoots there. After about a year of doing fun shoots, I started charging for my work. I had no clue how to run an actual business, and didn't even feel comfortable calling myself a photographer. That first year was hard. I learned so much that year. I forced myself to learn something new every day. I would learn about shooting, settings on the camera, different lenses, and editing. Then came the hard part. Getting legal. I thought, no problem...I can do this! Good thing I kept telling myself that, because it wasn't super easy. It was, however very rewarding. I don't regret my decision one bit. I now feel comfortable saying, I am a professional photographer. I CAN do this or that shoot, if I choose to. I am still learning, and pushing myself to do new things all the time. This is what gives me the experience and confidence to provide a great service to my clients.

Ok, I'll stop rambling now, and leave you with some of my very favorite photos that I have taken. As always, thanks for stopping by, and supporting my dream.

P.S. Let your friends practice on you! <3


JoAnn Lamsus of Jo Lamsus Photography is a Kingman Arizona Child and family photographer.

JoAnn is located just south of Las Vegas, Nevada. At Jo Lamsus Photography you will find fine art portraiture. Specializing in maternity, child, family and high school seniors.

JoAnn works in Las Vegas, Boulder, Kingman, Laughlin, Lake Havasu City, Bullhead city, and surrounding areas. Including Flagstaff, Williams, Prescott, Phoenix and Sedona areas. Please inquire for travel rates to other areas.

Jo Lamsus Photography specializes in photographing families and children. JoAnn Lamsus also loves maternity photos. Jo Lamsus Photography also loves high school senior photography.

To see more of JoAnn's work, please go to or visit her Facebook page at You may contact JoAnn by email at Spaces are very limited and fill early. Booking in advance will ensure a spot on Jo Lamsus Photography's schedule.

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