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Are you a new photographer who feels lost and doesn't really know where to start your photography career, or someone who just wants to learn the basics? Maybe, like me, you're someone who learns best hands on. 

With my mentorship program you will spend three sessions with me. (Family, Maternity, & Children's sessions) These will be "model" sessions, which you will be able to shoot at to grow your portfolio while you learn. 

We will go over camera basics, lighting, posing, wardrobe and any other questions you have.  

During these sessions you will learn how I use light and location to guide me and get a feel for how I work with my clients. About halfway through I will step aside and let you take over and get those awesome shots with me as your coach.  You will walk away with new knowledge and awesome photos to grow your own portfolio.


                                                                  Mentoring Sessions are $799












So Talented!


What more can I say about Jo Lamsus Photography than the obvious?? I reached out to Jo Lamsus as her photos inspired me, soft, colorful and perfectly posed images of families and children. I had recently purchased a Canon Rebel and did not know how to use a single button, but I knew I wanted to learn from the best. My subject would start off as my 8 year old daughter, a great way to bond and (hopefully) create images beautiful enough to share on social media. JoAnn instantly jumped in to the nitty gritty details of learning the camera, ISO, fstop, shutter speed, etc. for the conditions I would be shooting in and the ultimate look I wanted to create in camera. She taught slowly and purposely, to create learning experiences that went beyond this is WHAT we are going to do, to this is WHY we are going to do it.

Once I had got a handle on my camera settings and why each one was so important to the image itself, we moved on to location, natural lighting and finally posing. I was so intrigued when learning natural lighting as JoAnn effortlessly flows from eliminating harsh lighting to finding the correct positioning for backlit images. It’s almost like watching a Broadway show as she moves her position and the subjects position from one angle to the next to capture the exact lighting she is looking for. There are no hesitations in her movements, they are deliberate and accurate.

I felt my progress grow from minimalistic on my own to leaps with her instruction. Within 6 months I have created my own photography business with steady clientele and even dove straight into Full Frame shooting. If you are interested in starting out, progressing in camera, or growing a current business, Jo Lamsus mentoring is for you! I can’t imagine where I would be without her pushing me to go out and shoot!

Alisha R. 

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